Monday, 3 December 2012

A Dish Best Served Cold

In a November post (pre-Levenson) Alison used some rather underhand paparazzi methods to capture me in a moment of private agony which she then proceeded to broadcast to the world at large.
At the time I said I would wreak my revenge; I just did not realise that it would be so easy or for that matter so soon. This morning, merely a week later, Alison was the architect of her comeuppance.
It was so moving, that I felt it was right, nay my duty to share it with you all.
It has nothing to do with running, but then the best things in life seldom do.

'Carol of the Bells' Performed by Michael Chertock and August Burns Red
& Featuring Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Brown Sauce

1 comment:

  1. Sorry Mum and Dad for the foul tirade!
    I didn't know Iain was filming it. I thought he was taking photos to add to my growing album of culinary disaster shots to amuse himself with later. It took over an hour of cleaning up - a splattered coating over everything within 3 metres and there was only a couple of centimetres left in the bottle! I shall be contacting Tiptree to request brown sauce in squeezy packaging from now on! :(