Wednesday 5 December 2012

Summary of Week 2 in the Big Blog House

Cross-Trains Runs Total Miles Run Avg Pace (min/mile) Calories Run
Alison 2 3 28.13 10:20 3,027
Iain 0 3 21.16 8:49 2,582

And here are the status reports from our Arctic training camp:

Generally tired after a pretty heavy 10 days of running, but feeling ok and this week cross training kicks in which will be different however I could have chosen slightly more clement weather conditions to get back on the bike after a 2-year hiatus. Still, it looks good with shiny new tyres, new bar brakes and hopefully it won't snow until tomorrow...

Is suffering from the beginnings of a cold and is fighting a rearguard action, but is still able to train although starting to worry about the long runs which kick up a gear in January.

We have received a further £240 of sponsorship, thank you all very much indeed, and the most-viewed page is still the video of me stretching, so please look at this this one instead!

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