In April 2012, Alison's sister Emily suddenly passed away in her sleep.
Emily was 29 years old and had been living a very full life with Type I Diabetes for a decade, but for some reason that night, she experienced a dramatic hypo which contributed to her death.

Her passing was a brutal, shattering shock, one which is still being felt every day.

In previous years, Emily had taken part in a number of fundraising runs for Diabetes UK, and she had a guaranteed place to run London 2013. At Emily's funeral, attended by over 200 people, a group of 15 of Emily’s family, her friends, colleagues and her partner Adam, resolved to take up the challenge on Emily's behalf and run the London marathon in 2013 in Emily's memory for Diabetes UK. 

Amazingly, Team Em And Me! (TEAM!) was, and still is, the largest single London Marathon team which has ever run for Diabetes UK and we are all truly proud that we not only ran for Emily, but also achieved our goal of raising over £30,000It really means everything to us that the money will help others manage their condition but also that it can help fund research into ultimately finding a cure for Type 1.

This blog, written by Alison and Iain and begun six months before the marathon, is simply a means for us to have shared our journey. Above, there are links to Emily's story, pages about us, how Diabetes UK uses the money, our media and press coverage and TEAM!'s JustGiving page.
To the right, along with a list of our posts are links to Rhian's blog (another TEAM! member), a link to archives of all our training runs and races, an archive calendar of our training diaries and below is the TEAM! Twitter feed.

This marathon may be run, but over time and an intermission our story will continue.
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Alison and Iain