Monday 22 April 2013

TEAM! Marathon Results

57% of TEAM! At The Red Start

A massive, massive thank you to everyone who supported us yesterday, it was truly amazing and hugely motivating to receive so many messages of support throughout the day and we were stunned, honoured and humbled that so many people made the effort to come an cheer us on in person. Each one of you really made a difference and you all have our sincere gratitude. 
While our legs recover, we are putting together a full report of race-day which we hope to publish this week, but as we wait for the pictures to come in for that round up, here are the official results for TEAM!  in the 2013 Virgin London Marathon!

Elliot Nesbitt 03:17:05
Jamie McFarlane 03:25:12
Iain Ager 03:52:16
Adam Caines 04:10:49
Mark Lunn 04:17:52
Darren Lord 04:30:53
Alison Pearce 04:40:18
Bronek Carr 04:46:17
Anna Preston 05:05:05
James Cooke 05:05:06
Alex Jansen Birch 05:29:27
Katie Hall 05:40:43
Rhian Chapman 05:52:30
Stefan Jansen van Vuuren DNF
Jonathan Moore DNS

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