Wednesday 28 November 2012

1 Week Done - 20 To Go

It does not feel like it, but it has been a whole week since the blog went live and it has been a real surprise just how much its creation took out of me. 
Having spent the better part of 10 days writing content and code, I have been left burnt-out; becalmed in the creative doldrums and despite having a brimming top hat full of things with which I hope to entertain you, I have just not been able to put something together that I'm happy with. I promise to try harder!

Aside from scrambling my mental faculties, the added work-load also threw my running schedule out by two days and while this may not sound much, it required some committed action to drag it back on track which I should have managed by next Tuesday (and vitally, not having dropped any runs in the process)!

From any other perspective the first week has simply been incredible:

  • Your on-line donations now total an amazing  £2,115
  • You have sent cheques to us for a further £200
  • Between you, you have read 1,400 pages of blog
  • You have sent us over 50 wonderful emails of support and future pledges
  • You have written 2 blog comments and sent 2 Twitter replies

Alison and I have really been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity and we hope you all know just how much it means to us - thank you so very, very much.
As we promised, we are committed to giving something back and despite creative block, in the last 7 days we have written 5 posts, 10 Tweets and churned out:

Cross-Trains Runs Total Miles Run Avg Pace (min/mile) Calories Run
Alison 2 3 22.72 10:31 2,318
Iain 0 4 27.44 8:42 3,337

One done, twenty to go and here is to next week and running in the snow.
It rhymes!

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